Debunking common breast cancer myths

Debunking common breast cancer myths

When it’s October, you know it’s breast cancer month. The month when awareness is created and people are also encouraged to self-examine or even visit a clinic for check up.

While the mention of it can be scary, not everything you hear about breast cancer is true. Some of the things are just myths and it’s time we debunk them. Below are some common myths about breast cancer that you need to stop believing:

Only women get breast cancer

The fact is that women are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer as compared to men. All the same, guys too, get breast cancer.

Breast cancer is only for the older women

The risk of getting breast cancer increases with age. That’s why the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends; monthly self exam, yearly clinical breast exam and one mammography after every two years for women between 40 to 49 years. Even so, younger women including those in their 20s can get breast cancer – only that the chances are not as high.

You will get breast cancer if a family member had it

It’s not always the case. In fact, most people who have had breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease.

Some type of bras can cause breast cancer

Worried that your underwire bra is going to give you cancer? You don’t have to be because there’s no scientific proof linking underwire bras with breast cancer.

Deodorant causes breast cancer

Yet another myth you shouldn’t believe. You can go on and use your deodorant and antiperspirant without worrying about breast cancer because those two do not cause breast cancer.

Breast cancer always causes lumps

Feeling the lump is probably the most popular sign of breast cancer. Even so, some lumps are not cancer. Also, there are other symptoms of breast cancer than just feeling the lump. In some cases, by the time you are feeling the lump, the cancer usually has already spread beyond the breast. You might have the lump and not feel it which is why you should go for your first mammography at age 40.


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