Are you eating too much sugar? Here’s how to tell

Are you eating too much sugar? Here’s how to tell

Too much of something is poisonous and we bet you already know that. Even so, we all find ourselves indulging in things we clearly know can harm us in one way or another. Like eating too much sugar you know.

We get it that it’s not so easy for sweet tooths to do without sugar. But while you don’t have to say goodbye to sugar for good, if you are already taking too much of it, you need to cut the amounts. And this is not just about the sugar you add to your coffee or eating sweets. Some foods contain heavily processed sugar such that you wouldn’t feel the sweetness.

If you happen to have these signs, chances are that your sugar intake is high and you need to do something about it:

Constant cravings

Do you always feel like you need to snack on a chocolate bar or are always craving cake? That’s a red flag. Sugary foods are very addictive and you hardly get enough of them.

Your skin betrays you

There are various reasons as to why your skin could be breaking out. While your acne may not necessarily be because you are eating too much sugar, research has found that people who eat more sugar tend to have increased breakouts.

You feel drained all day

Do you always feel like you need energy drink to spike up your energy levels? Your sugar intake habits could be to blame. While eating something sugary gives you some energy and makes you feel alive again, it’s short-lived. Soon, your blood sugar will come down again only prompting you to eat more sugar and hence the addiction.

Also, if you are taking too much sugar, it’s likely that you are not having enough proteins and fiber to increase satiety and keep you strong.

You have put on weight

Especially if the extra pounds are just around the belly, it could be because you are taking too much sugar and you need to stop. Sugar is full of calories and the worst bit is that it doesn’t contain fiber or proteins which are known to increase the satiety. That means you will be eating every now and then because you will be hungry most times.

You are moody

You are not PMSing, you are not pregnant, nobody has angered you but your moods keep on changing? The high and lows of your blood sugar that happen after consuming too much sugar can mess up with your moods.


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