Tips to maintain your braids

Tips to maintain your braids

Braids save you time, are economical, and, protect your hair from breakage. Wait, that’s not all. They are trendy, and they feel so natural. In short, braids are simply amazing.

After braiding your hair, you might feel like that was all you needed to do and there’s nothing more you will do about your hair for the next couple of weeks. While braids can really go for some time, maintenance is key if you want them to still look neat. Of course, they do not involve much work like your natural hair would, but they, too, need some love and care.

To maintain your braids and make them last longer, try these tips:

No over-styling

One hair up do for a whole week is boring. We get that. But with braids, you need to be very careful with styling. Some styles will strain your edges and might also break your hair from the root. Style, yes, but not every day.

Wash your braids

We all dread this. Besides, it takes forever to dry them. Nevertheless, washing your braids even if it’s after two weeks is refreshing and gives your braids a newer look. The dirt on your scalp can make it itchy which will only make the braids look older and dirty, of course.

Keep your scalp moisturized

Dry hair equals hair breakage. You don’t want that, do you? Moisturize your scalp and braids regularly not just for the lustrous look but also for the health of your hair and the scalp.

Cover them when sleeping

It’s tempting to simply jump on to the bed because after all, braids are not gonna tangle. But if you want your braids to remain neat and last longer, you better not do that. A satin bonnet or head scarf is your best friend when going to bed.

Don’t leave them for too long

Some people will keep their braids for even 3 months. Well, even with all the above tips to maintain your braids, you shouldn’t leave them for more than eight weeks. Otherwise, you will end up losing the very hair you are trying so hard to protect.


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