Birth control myths you should not believe

Birth control myths you should not believe

Some of the things you hear about contraceptives and birth control methods are misleading misconceptions you should not believe. People don’t always say what they know. Some just say what they heard and started believing in, without seeking to find out if it’s factual.

Take for instance these common birth control myths that some people still believe in:

You cannot get pregnant when nursing

While breastfeeding, your chances of getting pregnant are lower. However, you can still get pregnant at this time. You cannot rely on breastfeeding as a birth control method.

You cannot get pregnant on your period

This is another myth that you should not believe in. The odds are lower yes, but some people ovulate shortly after their periods. And since sperms can fertilize the egg in up to three days, if you have sex towards the end of your periods, it’s possible to fall pregnant.

Douching after sex prevents sex

Don’t be duped, this is a total lie. Sperms swim fast and by the time you are douching, most of them will have already reached the uterus. And actually, you are likely to push more sperms to your uterus when douching. Plus, you suffer the risk of vaginal infections by douching.

The pill makes you gain weight

While some women add weight after using certain forms of birth control, the impact is not direct. It’s not the pill that makes one add weight. The pill can trigger the hormones and cause and increased appetite but it doesn’t make you add weight.

Pulling out is an effective form of birth control

During sex, the man releases certain fluids (pre-ejaculate) which may contain viable sperm that can still make you pregnant.


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