Things about your relationship that you should not post on social media

Things about your relationship that you should not post on social media

Are you the kind of person who posts all their relationship nitty-gritty on the gram and Facebook? Maybe it’s time you consider a change.

At least don’t post everything or make your relationship an open book for the whole world to read. Create some mystery and just post what you really must post.

We get that sometimes the emotions are too strong and you might be too excited to resist the urge to post. But posting these things on social media is really not a great idea:

Your fights

Every couple fights and that’s normal. But venting your emotions and fighting on social media is immature and unnecessary. Nobody needs to know about all those small fights you have with each other.

Expensive gifts

This is a hard one to resist but try not to post the expensive gifts from your partner on social media. First, you might be a target for thieves and also, not everyone will take it nicely. It might come out like you are bragging about your luxurious life. Hurts not to keep it low, does it?

Inappropriate photos

Took a kissing selfie or recorded a sex tape? Please keep it to yourself. What you do in the bedroom should remain in the bedroom.

Your break up

No matter how mad you are, don’t act out of anger. All you have to do is change your status to ‘single’ instead of telling the whole world that you have been dumped.

Personal things about your partner

Unless they have given you the go-ahead, never post personal details about your partner on social media. It’s an invasion of their privacy and it could also make them very uncomfortable. They may also develop trust issues.

Complains about your partner

If your partner has some annoying habits, tell them instead of telling everyone on social media. The moment they stumble upon the post, you can bet that they won’t be pleased.


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