5 types of guys you should never date

5 types of guys you should never date

Come rain or shine, there are men you should never date. It doesn’t matter whether you have been single all your life or you are just desperate to get a man. Some men are not worth dating at all. And maybe they should be left single until they know better.

You being the smart woman you are, you should be in a position to make smart decisions like staying away from these types of men:

The control freak

This is the sort of guy who thinks you are a machine that they can control anytime. Theirs is to give commands and yours is to bow at the commands and act as ordered. He will want to make the decisions for you even when it’s completely none of his business.

The clingy guy

They are the worst. You can’t even let you enjoy a night out with your girls’ squad. He will be complaining that you are choosing other people over him and he needs you by his side 24/7. And when you are away, he will text you after every 5 minutes.

‘I can’t live without you’ kinda guy

How was he living before he met you? This is just a needy man trying to show that you really matter to him. He is afraid to be alone, he wants to be hugged and cuddled like a little baby and is ever complaining.

The man-child

Unless you really don’t mind mothering a grownup man, you shouldn’t date this kind of men. They act immaturely and you can’t even have a solid conversation without some petty fights.

The ‘take but never give’ guy

You will gift him, do his laundry but he will never offer to massage your back when you are cramping. They are selfish and never reciprocate the good deeds. He might be filthy rich but will still not spend a few dollars to take you out for dinner at least once in a while.


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