Tips to protect your hair from damage this cold season

Tips to protect your hair from damage this cold season

You are staying as warm as possible and moisturizing your skin to keep it from drying. But what are you doing to protect your hair? During the cold season, your hair is more prone to damage hence the reason you should improve your hair care tips.

In that essence, we have listed a few tips below to help you protect your hair this cold and rainy season:

Oil your hair regularly

During the cold season, your scalp is drier than usual and your hair will also be dry. Dry hair is brittle and can break off easily. Make sure you moisturize your hair more often to prevent dryness which leads to not only breakage but also itchiness and dandruff.

Wash less often

With the rains, there is no dust meaning your hair won’t be that dirty. But the most important reason why you should not wash your hair so often in the cold weather is to prevent drying. The cold weather is already drying enough and washing your hair regularly will make it worse. If you can manage to wash your hair for a maximum of only three times a week, the better.

Check the water temperatures

And when you do wash your hair, the water shouldn’t be too hot. It’s cold and the idea of a steaming hot shower feels like a great idea. But it’s not. Hot temperatures rid the skin of its natural oils leaving your scalp and strands dry.

Stay hydrated

When your body is not hydrated, your skin and hair suffer. To keep your scalp and strands hydrated, don’t forget to drink water. If it’s too cold to drink cold water, warm it or eat succulent fruits. Just make sure you are hydrated. One way to know if your body needs water is to check your urine color. If it has too much color, up your water game.

Always have a scarf or shower cap while leaving the house

With this weather, it can start raining at any time and you will want to keep your hair dry. If your hair gets rained on, it will take longer to dry. And the more it stays wet, the more prone it is to breakage.



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