Single forever?

Single forever?

We may not want to admit it but marriage is not for everyone. Some people are happier while single and would thus prefer to be single. But there are also those who would want to marry or get married but they may not be lucky enough.

But don’t be worried yet. I am not trying to scare you in any way or prophesy doom in your life. The signs you are about to read may just be a wake up call to remind you that you should do something. 

You have unrealistic expectations

Don’t get me wrong, you should have a list of the things you want in a partner. But the things you are looking for should be realistic. If you are expecting to get an angel from heaven, then you might as well remain single for the rest of your life. A guy may be all you want in terms of their physique but they might also have a flaw you really dislike. The thing is, you will not get what you want 100% because you are also not completely perfect.

You are too antisocial

It’s one thing to be introverted and another to be completely antisocial. If you are a guy who cannot even approach a woman, how on earth will you ever get a girlfriend? It’s not about flirting with everyone but at least be someone who can associate with a few people.

You are stuck to your ex

So you loved your ex so much and still believe they will come back for you yet they moved on and go married? That’s the gateway to being single for life. If you don’t forget your ex and move on, you will never meet your perfect match.

You are too afraid to get hurt

Just because your ex was a psychopath doesn’t meant your next partner will be like them. That’s no reason enough to lock yourself out of love. You must be willing to take the risk to love again and just see where if it takes you to the altar.

You are too selfish

It’s okay to not want to be in a relationship because you want to focus on your education or career first. Relationships however are about sacrifice and being selfless. It does not have to be all about you. If you can’t even spare a few hours to spend time with a loved one, marriage is not for you.

You are indecisive

This is all about knowing what you want. Do you want A or B? If you can’t decide who you would want to spend your life with, no one has the time to wait.



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