Important questions to ask a guy before you start dating

Important questions to ask a guy before you start dating

On the first date, you will want to be very careful with what you say. But once you start seeing each other more often, seek to know more about the guy before things get too serious.

Some questions are not easy to ask but you need to know the person you will be dating well enough. You would rather they think you are too inquisitive than being surprised by the truth later. So gather enough courage, and ask any guy you consider dating these questions:

What kind of relationship are you looking for?

Don’t assume every guy is interested in a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. Some of them just want to be friends with benefits and others are just trying to forget their exes. It will help you make an informed decision.

What are your relationship deal breakers?

Some men are intimidated by women and they may prefer not to date any woman with a higher level of education or one with a better job than them. Let him tell you the things he can’t stand in a relationship before you give him a chance.

Are you married?

This is very very important. We have married men in dating sites and you never know who is married unless you ask. If he is honest enough, he will tell you the truth. Some, however, will still lie but try to find out before things get serious.

What are your religious beliefs?

What faith do they subscribe to? Do they believe in God? Religious matters can raise serious difference in relationships hence the reason you should seek to know more.

Does your family tolerate cultural differences?

Let’s face it, some families cannot allow their son to marry from certain cultural or ethnic groups. There is no need to waste time dating a man who will finally leave you in the name of cultural incompatibility.

What do you do for a living?

He could be a drug dealer or a terrorist and could land you in trouble. Don’t just take his word, find out secretly to make sure he is telling the truth.

Do you want kids?

This is yet another thing that he should make clear to you before you start seriously dating. He may not want kids and that will only cause fights if you, on the other hand, want to have kids.


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