Things you should not do if you have oily skin

Things you should not do if you have oily skin

Do you always have to wipe your shiny forehead and nose from time to time? Clearly, you have an oily skin all thanks to your genes.

It’s not a bad thing but you must also learn how to take care of your oily skin given that it’s more prone to acne as compared to normal and dry skin. So, if you have been struggling with a greasy skin, below are a few things you should not be doing to keep your skin healthy:

Use an oily moisturiser

Oily skin needs to be moisturised too but only with the correct moisturizer. Your skin is already greasy enough and you do not want to clog your skin by using oily moisturizers.

Over washing

You might be tempted to wash your face after a few hours to get rid of the oiliness. While it will leave your skin feeling fresh and tighter, your skin does not need to be completely dry. It still needs those natural oils it produces and over washing dries them up.

Sleep with makeup

Nobody should go to bed without washing off the makeup. But it’s even worse for people with an oily skin. The makeup plus all the oil your skin produced during the day will clog your pores and could cause skin problems.

Touching your face

You transfer bacteria from your hands to your face every time you keep on rubbing it. If you are trying to remove excess oil from your face, don’t do it with your dirty hands. Clean them first or wipe the excess oil using wipes.

Heavy makeup

Don’t cake up your face with makeup if you have an oily skin. Opt for lighter makeup and one that absorbs excess oil to avoid clogging of your pores.


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