Signs the man you are dating does not respect you

Signs the man you are dating does not respect you

Respect is one of the most important things in a relationship. Men demand respect in relationships but some of them forget that respect is earned. And that for you to be respected, you must also respect your woman. It’s two-way traffic.

And ladies, if a man does not respect you, then you must respect yourself enough to leave. There is someone willing to give respect if the man you have cannot do it. So how do you know whether a man respects you or not? See, respect is about the very little things that we neglect. If you are not very careful, you may not notice them.

If a man you are dating does these things, then there is no doubt that he has no respect for you:

He doesn’t listen

Ladies love attention in general. But wanting a man to listen to you while you speak is the last thing he could do for you. And if he can’t, then he has no respect for you. If he is always absorbed into what he is doing and can’t even pause the movie to listen to you, you deserve better.

He does not consult you

He is the man, yes, but that is not to say that he should make all the decisions in the relationship. He can’t just wake up and decide that you should move to another estate without seeking your opinion. If he respects you, he will always seek your opinion before making decisions that involve both of you.

He crosses the boundaries

Even relationships have boundaries. If you have to remind your partner that you don’t like ABC and he keeps on doing it, that’s disrespect. This may be something as little as spanking you in public or doing something you dislike in the bedroom.

He tells others about you

He is supposed to be your confidant. And he can’t be trusted with your secrets, neither should you trust him with your heart.

He cancels dates or trips at the last minute

A man who respects you will cancel the date in advance and let you know; not unless it’s an emergency. If your man makes excuses at the last minute, it just shows how uncommitted he is to the relationship.

He flirts with other women

Whether it’s on social media or in a club, he should not do it. Sadly, some men will flirt with other women right in your presence.



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