6 Easy Tips For Soft Lips

6 Easy Tips For Soft Lips

No one loves chapped lips. They are unsightly and definitely not the best to kiss. Plus, putting on lipstick becomes a problem.

This is not something you should have to struggle with though since you can get soft and smooth lips with simple tips at home. Let’s have a look at some ways to make your lips soft and smooth, shall we?

Stay hydrated

Water water! I know it’s boring to be reminded to drink water every now and then. But if you took the advice, so many of your problems could get solved. When your body is well hydrated, your lips too will be. Meaning, they will be smooth and soft. So drink up.

Brush your lips

We are not talking about brushing them hard like you do with your teeth. Not at all. Your lips are delicate and you need to use a soft brush for this purpose. Brush gently so as to remove any dead skin on your lips.

Honey and sugar

Mix sugar and honey and rub it on your lips. This is a good way to exfoliate your lips without leaving them dry since honey has moisturizing effects.

Keep your lips moist

Sound like no brainer? I know. Yet, most people with chapped lips hardly remember to moisturize their lips often. Applying lip balm only in the morning is not enough. Try to apply it every time after using the bathroom to avoid flaky lips.

Go natural

The fragrances on your lip balm may not be the best if you want to have soft lips. Some fragrances are drying which will only make your lips cracked. Opt for plain balms or natural oils like coconut and almond oil.

No biting or licking

For whatsoever reason, don’t bite nor lick your lips if you want them softer. That licking your lips often keeps them moisturised is a misconception. On the contrary, it dries your lips.


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