4 foods that are likely to give you acne

4 foods that are likely to give you acne

Your genes and the lifestyle you lead are the basic determiners on whether you have acne or not. As such, food alone cannot make you develop acne. However, if you are genetically prone to acne, some foods can trigger it or make it worse.

We are not trying to tell you that you should completely avoid these foods, but it’s better if you ate them in moderation:


This great source of calcium and protein is really good but you need to watch your intake if you already have acne or are prone to it. Although it’s not yet clear on how milk contributes to acne, studies have linked milk and dairy products consumption to increased acne among teenagers and young adults.

Sugar and refined carbs

Your sweet tooth will not only give you cavities but also puts you at a greater risk of getting acne or making it worse. Sugary foods such as soda, cake, sweets, and carbs that are high in sugar such as white bread affect your blood sugar. This in return affects your hormones and can trigger the production of more oil on your skin.

Fast foods

They come in handy when you are in a lazy mood or you have no time to fix yourself a meal. But studies have linked the consumption of fast foods to acne. One study particularly found that burgers and sausages consumers were at a higher risk.


TA bar of chocolate is probably not the first thing you should get when you are trying to nurse a heartbreak. Well, don’t quit yet but don’t binge eat them. But if you can’t resist the cravings, then get dark chocolate. It’s lower in sugar and has antioxidants which are good for your overall health.


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