Tips to stay warm this rainy/cold season

Tips to stay warm this rainy/cold season

The long rains are here and it’s time to say bye bye to your sundresses and replace them with warm outfits. Hey, and don’t forget to carry your umbrella. It may not be raining in the morning but who knows whether it will rain in the afternoon or evening? Leave the house ready to battle the cold, the rain, mud and even floods.

Apart from putting on your boots and the warm scarves, there are other ways to help you stay warm. We have been waiting for the rains for so long and you don’t want to start wishing them away so soon just because you can’t keep yourself from the cold.

Check out some few tips:


With this weather, you will just want to stay wrapped up. However, exercising is also a great way to keep warm. Move around, wake up early and do a 30 minutes workout before leaving for work or go jogging if it isn’t raining.

Skip alcohol

This is no way to stay warm. Alcohol lowers the body temperature and you will thus want to skip the booze until on a hot day lest you catch a cold.

Opt for heavier curtains

To keep your house warm, replace the light curtains with heavier ones. But remember to open the window on sunny days to let in some fresh air.

No cold showers anymore

It’s already cold and a cold shower is the last thing you will want. Focus not so much on the electricity bills for now and more on your health.

Eat the right foods

Most importantly, eat right and you will stay warm and healthy. Don’t skip water just because it’s cold as you still need to stay hydrated. Take warm beverages, soups or warm lemon water if you can’t stand plain warm water. Eat more fruits and veggies to keep your immunity up high.


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