5 tips to keep your nails stronger  or tips to prevent nail breakage

5 tips to keep your nails stronger  or tips to prevent nail breakage

When one of your nails breaks, you are forced to cut the rest so that they are uniform. How frustrating! But the worst part is when your nail accidentally breaks and it’s literally painful. If you love your nails long, you must keep them strong so that they don’t break. But if you completely don’t want your nails to break, then you have to keep them short.

So, how do you go about keeping them long and strong? Hold on, that’s exactly what we are just about to let you know.

Stay away from water

You cannot stay away from the water completely but you will want to reduce your contact with it. Have someone do your laundry, get a washing machine, a dishwasher or anything else that will reduce your contact with water. You can also get gloves to use when doing the dishes. Too much water makes the nails brittle and they can’t escape breakage.

Give the nail polish a break

We all love nicely done nails. But even the most expensive nail polish can leave your nails weak and prone to breakage when used over and over. Enjoy your natural nails at times and give the polish some rest.


Just like your hair, your nails strength and health are reliant on your diet. If your nails have been breaking lately, the problem could be what you are feeding your body with. Foods rich in antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and vitamin D supplements are good for the overall health of your nails.

Make use of your hand cream

Each time you wash your face, you always moisturize to keep it hydrated. This is the same thing you should do with your nails. After cleaning your hands, moisturize them to avoid dehydration which increases their risk of breakage.

Avoid nail polish removers that contain alcohol

Although all nail polish removers will dry out your nails, those with alcohol are more drying. And while you may not have to give them up altogether, consider using them less often.


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