Do’s and don’ts for makeup beginners

Do’s and don’ts for makeup beginners

New to makeup? No problem.  There is a first time for everything and you can learn how to do your makeup and become a pro. At this age, you have no excuse given that there are loads of makeup tutorials for beginners on YouTube.

And like that is not enough, we are also giving you some do’s and don’ts if you are a makeup beginner. With these rules, you should be good to get started:


Always start by cleaning your face and never ever apply makeup on a dirty face. This is not just to look better but for the health of your skin.

Moisturize your skin first before putting on makeup.

Get the right foundation. Before you start, look for a foundation that blends in well with the skin tone of your neck and not your face. The store owner should be in a position to help you choose the right shade.

Get a concealer that is one shade or two lighter than your foundation.

Wash your makeup brushes regularly. They collect bacteria over time and may cause skin infections.

Apply makeup on natural light whenever possible. It will give you the real picture of what you will look like once you leave the house.


Don’t buy everything yet. If you are completely new to makeup, start with at least two products that you love then you can expand your kit with time. You could, for instance, begin with lipstick and mascara.

Don’t sleep in your makeup.

Less is always more. So just keep it simple and don’t go overboard.

Don’t share makeup as you may contract infections.

Don’t apply concealer before foundation. It should be the other way round.

Fake your eyebrows. You should not be trying to come up with a new set of brows. Instead, just work on what you already have so that they are more defined.


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