5 things you should not reveal on a first date

5 things you should not reveal on a first date

First dates can be weird and even frustrating if both or one of you does not know how to go about them. See, here are two people who hardly know each other yet you are supposed to keep the conversation going.

Well, there are people you will click with and get the conversation rolling effortlessly. But there are those you keep on wondering why you even came it the first place. It could be because your date is too boring or too annoying and you just can’t stand them. Since you only have one chance to create a first impression, you should always try to make it the best. Not just by how you present yourself physically but also by the way you speak and the things you reveal about yourself.

For instance, you will not want to disclose these things on a first date:

How badly you want children

First, you don’t even know whether your date would like to have children in future. If they don’t, you will be pushing them away yet you could have bought time and who knows? They may change their mind once you start dating. Talking about children also makes you look like you are too desperate to get someone to settle with.

The partners you have had

Your body count and the number of people you have dated is not something to reveal on a first date. You may send the wrong perception thinking you are just being honest. Preserve this topic for a later date – probably after you start dating.

Your salary

Ooh unto you if your date is a gold digger. They will stick to you just for the money. But this is not the only problem. Your date may also feel like you are trying to brag. Just skip the topic. You can talk about what you do but not how much you make.

Ex stuff

Trust you me nobody wants to hear anything about your ex on the first date. Even though they broke your heart, you had better not talked about this until later.

Your relationship deal breakers

Short guys may not be your type. But what if it turned out that your date is shorter than you actually thought? Will you be honest and tell them that you can never date a short guy? A first date is not an opportunity to demean anyone or make them feel bad about themselves. What you like or don’t like in relationships is not something you should reveal on a first date.


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