The art of keeping organized 

The art of keeping organized 

Organization hacks are all fun and beautiful until a week later when the place looks more messy than it ever was. I guess that’s why organization hacks on Pinterest and YouTube get so much backlash. But are the hacks really to blame or is it our adaptability of the idea that’s off. Let’s look at a few tips that will help us keep organized.

It’s all about the aesthetics
You don’t want an organization system that doesn’t look pleasing to the eye and the better it makes your place look the higher the chances of you actually maintaining the placement of things.

Always go for the simple ones.

I think 90% of the reason organization hacks fail is because we try to go for some complicated system that just becomes so daunting to maintain.go for something very simple that you can very easily touch up on the go.

Adaptability matters
If you are just not adapting to having your laundry basket tucked away in a drawer under the sink in the bathroom then don’t force it. Even though it gives you more room to play around with, you will end up pilling all your laundry on the bedroom couch. That’s not effective.

Ensure its time saving
This must be the most important tip of all, go for organization placements that are time saving and not those that require more time to maintain. You wanna be able to maintain the order of things even when you are rushing out of the house. Otherwise you will be back to point zero in no time.

Pro tip. Always make sure you return it where you found it. Whatever ‘it’


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