6 secrets you should never care to tell your partner

6 secrets you should never care to tell your partner

Some secrets are better taken to the grave. There is no point revealing something to your partner if it will only grow you two further from each other. Or even worse bring to an end the beautiful thing you already have.

There are definitely things you must not keep away from your partner because they are really important to both of you.  But some others like the ones listed below, just keep them to yourself:

That you don’t like their family

It’s human not to like some people. Even so, if there is a section of people you do not like in their family, don’t tell your partner. If they have to figure out on their own, the better. But never tell them how much you detest their sister or cousins.

You once cheated on your ex

This will be the end of you. You might have changed but if you let your partner know that you ever cheated, they will trust you no more.

You are attracted to their friend

It’s okay to feel attracted to someone else rather than your partner. But it’s not okay to tell them about the feeling you have towards their friend. It’s offensive.

Things you don’t like about them

We are all imperfect and it’s possible that there are aspects you do not like about yourself. Yet, there is nothing you can do to change such aspects. If your partner has an imperfection you do not like, you don’t have to tell them especially if it’s something that makes them insecure or affects their confidence. It could be something with their physical appearance and saying it will only hurt them.

That you have had better sex with your ex

They may not be as good as your ex was but saying it to them is not right. It’s like you are try to demean them. Instead, think of how you can both work towards having great sex than blaming them.

Things you liked about your ex

Spare them this kind of details. It makes one feel like you are comparing them to your ex. And if you ex was as great as you say, why are you not together anyway?


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