Signs you are dating a dangerous man

Signs you are dating a dangerous man

It’s been drama after drama: men hacking their girlfriends to death mercilessly and others stabbing their women. Seemingly, you can no longer feel safe with the man that is supposed to protect you.

It’s sad when we lose young women to dangerous men who have no respect for life. But as women, we must also be very alert in relationships. Sometimes there are signals but we ignore them. Signals to tell us that something is not okay.  While we cannot decipher what a man is thinking, if you are keen enough, you may notice something and run for your life if you have to.

If you want to know whether you are dating a dangerous man, watch out for these telltale  signs:

He is overly good

Some men are too good to be true. They will spoil you with all sorts of luxuries and even when you offend them, they just let it go. And you think that they are just naturally sweet and forgiving. But hell no! Some of them pile up all the wrong things you do and when they can’t handle it anymore, they can do the unbelievable. Always question when a man seems to be so sweet and kind to you.

He is easily angered

Not every man will hide his anger. Others will yell at you at the slightest mistake and even raise their hands on you. These are potentially dangerous. They can easily lose control of their anger and batter you. You don’t need to be reminded that any violent man can easily kill you, do you?

Your friends can see signs

When you are in love, you are too blind to see the negative side of the relationship. You keep on hoping that the man will change for the better. But if your friends are concerned that the man you are seeing is not treating you right, they might be sensing danger and you should listen to them.

He stalks you

He stalks you on social media and closely follows how you interact with people online. He knows who commented what on the photo you posted on Instagram. He could even show up in events that you didn’t invite him just to make sure that you are not flirting around. This means he could stalk you one day and harm you.

He is controlling

If he sends you money, he wants to know how you spent each and every cent. He makes all the decisions and does not value your opinion. Such is a dangerous man and you should keep off.

He is too jealous

A bit of jealousy feels nice. But if he can’t let you hang out with your girlfriends without calling and texting every five minutes, there is a problem. If he worries too much when you are away and overreacts when you talk to your male friends, he could be dangerous.



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