Why you should never share makeup

Why you should never share makeup

Sharing your lippie or eyeliner with your bestie doesn’t sound like a really bad idea. After all, you’ve known that person for years.

But really, you should not be doing it. That is if you actually care about your wellbeing. Wondering what this is all about? Well, read on to discover the dangers of sharing makeup:

Eye infections

So you are getting late and you think of grabbing your sister’s eyeliner since you can’t get yours? Bad idea.  Eyes are very sensitive and sharing mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner could lead to eye infections such as sties and conjunctivitis since these infections are contagious.


Acne cannot be passed from one person to another. All the same, you do not know how that other person uses their makeup. Maybe they don’t clean their makeup brushes or they are the type who store makeup past the expiration date. You could thus transfer bacteria from their makeup to your face leading to skin breakouts.

Cold sores

Sure, they are your best friend but you don’t need to share the same gloss or lippie to prove it. If your friend has a cold sore, chances are that you will also contact the cold sore virus. I bet you don’t want this happening to you, do you?

One man’s meat is another’s poison

Just because a certain makeup looks good on your friend doesn’t mean it will be good on you. In fact, you may only end up looking like a clown if you are lucky not to get skin irritation.

In short, if you really must share makeup with someone, then protect yourself. Remove the top layer of the makeup before using it and sharpen the liner pencil. But this should be your very last option – which really shouldn’t be an option anyway.


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