Making the perfect smoothie recipe

Making the perfect smoothie recipe

Making the perfect smoothie recipe

Smoothies are a healthy and great way to add fruits and vegetable to your diet. They are also ridiculously easy to make and are cost efficient when made at home. Whether you like a green smoothie, chocolate or protein shakes the basics of your recipe are pretty much the same. These steps will help you come up with some of the tastiest smoothies.

Step one choose your base liquid

Your base liquid could be anything from water, coconut water, almond milk, soy milk, or green tea depending on what flavor you are going for.

Step two Pick your greens

Vegetables add a great amount of fiber to your smoothies, they are also a great way to add vitamins and minerals. A handful of spinach, kale, collards or lettuce will do.

Pick your fruits

I would personally recommend water rich fruits like pineapples, raspberries, watermelon or oranges. However water rich fruits will probably not give you that thick consistency so you could use them frozen instead of going for high calorie fruits like bananas. Unless that’s what you want.

Energy boost

Seeds can really put a pep to your step. Try chia seed, flax seed, and hemp or sesame seeds. You can also go for some super foods for that energy boost like cranberries or spices like cinnamon.

Sweeten it up

Most people opt out of sweetening and if you have enough fruits then you probably do not need it but just in case you do, you can add some honey, chopped dates or stevia seeds.

Now that you have all your incidents, blend and enjoy.

Disclaimer, just because soothes are healthy and made up of fresh fruits and vegetables does not mean they won’t make you add weight. If you are not careful you might just be make a super high calorie smoothie so make sure you are watching the calorie count of the ingredients you add. But if you just love smoothies and don’t really mind the calories then GO YOU! Enjoy your easy homemade smoothies.


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