6 tips to get rid of dandruff

6 tips to get rid of dandruff

Try these tips to get rid of dandruff

We all know how frustrating an itchy skin can be. Or haven’t we all been there?  But you probably do not know how annoying itchiness is until you have an itchy scalp. But worst of all are those white flakes that fall off when you scratch your scalp.

See, when you have too much dandruff,  it gets to the surface of your hair and people notice it. Problem is that they don’t just notice dandruff but most associate it with lack of proper hygiene.

Good thing though is that you can get rid of dandruff at home using simple natural remedies. It harms not, to give a try to these natural tips:

Tea tree oil

For ages, people have used tea tree oil to treat different conditions at home. Those who have used it swear by its ability to finish dandruff.  This is because the oil contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help in treating dandruff.

Coconut oil

If you do not already have coconut oil, plan to acquire it as it has multiple benefits besides getting rid of dandruff.  Dry skin makes dandruff worse and coconut oil is good enough to hydrate your scalp. Also, it helps in treating eczema and psoriasis which are conditions that lead to dandruff. You can also use olive oil for the same purpose.

Baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate is yet another thing you should always have. It removes the excess skin and oil on the skin and also has antifungal properties that aid in getting rid of dandruff. However, when using baking soda to treat dandruff, use it in moderation lest it leaves your hair and scalp dry.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has antifungal and antibacterial properties which help it treating dandruff.  Applying aloe vera gel on your scalp soothes the skin and reduces inflammation.

Avoid stress

This is good for the long term. If you can stay away from stress in your life, you shall have saved your body from so many health conditions including dandruff.


And because you are what you eat, ensure you incorporate foods that promote the health of your scalp and hair. Probiotics and foods rich in Omega 3 will do you good.


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