6 things you should never do to your skin

6 things you should never do to your skin

We all love a flawless skin that gets everyone asking what products we use. That kind of skin that will have beauty companies chasing at you to be their brand ambassador.

Although they say beauty goes deeper than just the surface, we can’t deny that good skin is one thing that everyone yearns for. And for you to have that glowing skin there are things you should do, and those that you shouldn’t. For today, we are going to focus on the latter.

Check out some things you should not do to your skin below:

Skipping sunscreen

Seriously, sunscreen is not just for the days you are visiting the beach. As a matter of fact, you should make it a daily routine such that you never leave the house without applying it. The UV rays destroy the collagen leaving your skin with spots. Besides that, exposing your skin to the sun also increases the risk of skin cancer.

Popping pimples

It’s so tempting to want to pop a pimple every time you find one on your skin. Popping pimples exposes your skin to infections which could make it worse. It also leaves a scar on your skin. If the pimple is too much of a bother, you had better visit a dermatologist rather than popping it.

Rubbing your face

You can rub your arms or feet but nothing will happen. The skin on your face, however, is so sensitive that you will want to keep the hands off it. Hands pick of lots of bacteria and rubbing your face transfers the bacteria making your face prone to breakouts.

Over washing

You already know that you should clean your face after working out and that you should never sleep with your makeup on.  Keeping your face clean and washing it after every few hours are two different things.  If you over wash your face, you strip off its natural oils leaving it dry.

Exfoliating too often

Exfoliation is one way to achieve good skin. Overdoing it, however, leads to skin irritation.

Long hot baths

They are relaxing and soothing after a long and tiresome day. But hot baths rob the skin its natural oils leaving it dry. Excessive dryness of the skin leads to skin complications such as eczema and bacterial infections.


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