Wool Look Combinations

Wool Look Combinations
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Given how hot it’s been the past couple of months, you can’t believe how stocked I am to see the clouds in the sky. Well it’s not yet sweater weather because the sun skill keeps peeking through but pretty soon the sound of rain will be lulling us to sleep. I think this is what they call the confused Nairobi weather, you can’t pull out your extreme cozies coz it’s probably gonna be hot in the afternoon and you can’t rely on your vest to keep you warm indoors. Here are some cute and cozy casual outfit ideas for this weather.

Button down sweaters

Button down sweaters are so reliable during this season, they can be very stylish and they are incredibly easy to slip on and off during the course of your day.

Sweater dress

We love a cute loose fit sweater dress not only because we can get away with our food babies but also because they are not constricting. We get to stay warm without suffocating our internal organs.

Woven sets.

We can’t get enough of these woven two piece sets. They are very cozy, stylish and obviously perfect for this weather. Their Monochrome nature will leave you with endless styling possibilities.

Palazzo pants for the win

Palazzos ooze of elegance and comfort all in one. The loose fit nature of the pants ensure you have room for aeration while still keeping your legs covered.

Baggy / Cropped sweaters

Baggy tops don’t appeal to me, I am that girl that loves her tops fitting, but I have been eyeing some gorgeous cropped sweaters and I think they would be perfect for this weather


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